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We are a full line distributor for all hand tools click here to contact us if you cannot find what you are looking for

All Hand Tools…All The time

KBC Tools & Machinery carries a full line of hand tools for industrial use for maintenance, repair, and operations. Your team relies upon you, and these are the tools you can rely upon year after year to get the job done, such as: extractors, hacksaws, tubing cutters, hammers, hex keys, torx keys, knives, scissors, levels, squares, pliers, pin vises, pry bars, pullers, punches, chisels, scrapers, scribers, screwdrivers, snips, bolt cutters, sockets, stamps, tape measures, wrenches, and more.

KBC offers hand tools from KBC Brand product, name brand suppliers, and world class manufacturers, such as: Channellock, Ridgid, Wiha, Klein Tools, Vise- Grip, Starrett, SK, Lufkin, General, Knipex, Bondhus, Lutz, Crescent, Vaughan, Eklind, and more.

Here are 3 must have tools for your toolbox so that you are ready for every situation that arises:

1. You're all broken up. When you broke the bolt below the surface, flush with the top, or it's just rusted out, don't just scream and curse. Get the Alden Drill -Out broken bolt extractor kit from your toolbox to remove #5, 6, 8, 10, 12, 1/4", 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, and 6mm bolts with speed. For convenient use with any 3/8" reversible variable speed hand drill.

2. Who took the darn utility knife? You could have sworn that it was there on the receiving table for when your next shipment of tools arrived. Even so, there are so many uses for a good utility knife during the day that it makes it a pain to ever have to go search for one. So, get yourself a Lutz 357 Quick change utility knife, complete with a plastic holster with easy to attach belt clip. Extra blades fit conveniently in the handle. No more searching for that darn utility knife, and no more ripped pant pockets. Who knew life could be so simple?

3. Get the ball rolling! The 14132 ball end hex L-wrench and fold up combo set from Bondhus gives you the benefit of a ball end L-wrench which inserts into a screw at a 25 degree angle to quickly funnel your tool into a screw and allows natural hand and wrist movements, a Hex end in two sets from .050" to 3/8" and 1.5mm to 10m, plus an 8 pc. fold up star recessed fold up set with T6-T25. Whether you're helping to put a new machine stand together or tightening a few screws that shook and rattled due to machining vibration you'll have the right wrench to get it done and get the ball rolling. This is not our most popular set – but it should be!

What is your “must have tool" for your toolbox? Email us your suggestion to

All Hand Tools…All The time

Hand Tools