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Power and Air Tools

We are a full line distributor for all power and pneumatic-air tools click here to contact us if you cannot find what you are looking for

All Power Tools…All the Time

Whether these tools are powered by air, electricity, or battery, they have the power to grind, drill, sand, screw, wrench, saw for all your industrial applications in the shop or on site. KBC Tools & Machinery's power and air tool offerings include: angle grinders, bench grinders, circular saws, chop saws, cordless power drills, cut off tools, die grinders, drill sharpeners, drills, air hammers, heat guns, impact wrenches, portable bandsaws, power tool and air tool accessories, air ratchets, reciprocating saws, jig saws, rotary tools, sanders, and more.

KBC has a full line of power tools, air tools, and accessories from KBC Brand product, name brand suppliers, and world class manufacturers, such as: Starrett, Pit Pro, Campbell Hausfeld, Baldor, Drill Doctor, Foredom, Dremel, Milwaukee, Bosch, Roto Zip by Bosch, DeWalt, Jet, and more.

Here are 3 tips to get the most out of your air and power tools:

1. Pamper your tool. Your air tool can last a long longer with a little love and care daily. First clean and remove any built-up debris from using your air tool. Then, use Coilhose Pneumatics' Air Tool Lubricant to lubricate your tool and eliminate the harm of residual moisture from your air source. Oil and air mix a whole lot better in your air tool than oil, air, and water.

2. Get out of a tight spot. When you need to grind, drill, deburr, or almost anything else you can think of in a small or hard to reach spot, it's time to reach for your Dremel or Foredom tools with flexible shafts to get the work done. With a slew of accessories and carbide burrs available that will fit in the chuck, you can accomplish the finest of adjustments and finishes to your work using the easy to control hand pieces.

3. Get to the point. Every schoolroom has a pencil sharpener, and every shop needs a Drill Doctor to sharpen its dull drills. The electric precision drill bit sharpener will sharpen your drill bits from 3/32" – 3/4" and create a point from 115 to 140 degree point angle. Easy peasy almost like a pencil sharpener for your drill bits. Pays for itself with the sharpening of a few costly drills or helping keep you drilling when machine time is at a premium and you are down to your last dull drill bit with more holes to go.

What tips do you have to get the most out of your KBC air and power tools? Email your tips to

All Power Tools…All The Time

Power and Air Tools