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Measuring and Inspection

We are a full line distributor for all measuring and inspection tools click here to contact us if you cannot find what you are looking for

All Precision…All The Time

Measure twice; cut once is great advice as long as what your measuring and inspecting with is a precision instrument. Know with accuracy when your piece is oversized, undersized, concentric or within tolerance with KBC Tools & Machinery’s complete offering of precision instruments, such as: pairs of blocks, since bars, calipers, depth gages, edge and center finders, gage blocks and balls, hardness testers, height gages, hole and bore gages, indicators, indicator accessories, magnifiers, mirrors, magnetic bases, micrometers, optical and surface comparators, parallels, pin gages, plug and ring gages, radius gages, thickness and thread gages, rules, scopes, tachometers, machinists’ squares, protractors, surface plates, surface stands, v-blocks, angle blocks, and more.

Know you are precisely right with KBC’s full line of precision products from KBC Brand product, name brand suppliers, and world class manufacturers, such as: Starrett, Noga, SPI, General, Suburban, Meyer Gage, Brown & Sharpe, PEC Tools, Flexbar, Interapid, Fowler, Mitutoyo, Accurate Manufactured Products Group, and more.

Here are 3 suggestions for your precision instruments to help and humor you:

1. Tired of looking like the typical nerd with a pocket protector? Now you can look like a cowboy with your quick draw rugged leather micrometer holster from Starrett. Heck, go for the full John Wayne look and buy two! (Perfect for holding 0-1” or 0-25mm micrometers.)

2. Want to look like the typical engineer with a pocket protector? KBC has some handy pocket-sized precision instruments to make you a traveling precision machine, such as pocket slide calipers from General and Starrett, pocket comparators from SPI, Fowler and Mitutoyo, pocket electronic thickness gages from KBC, pocket scope and micro lite from Fowler, and more. KBC supplies the tools; you supply the pocket protector. You might need two pocket protectors!

3. Do you measure up? With AMPG (Accurate Manufactured Products Group) Caliper Extender, you can measure up to 91” with your vernier, dial or electronic caliper. You don’t have to buy a big and expensive caliper to measure accurately and big.

If you have a suggestion how to get more precision out of your measuring and inspection instruments, email us at

All Precision…All The Time

Measuring and Inspection