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I can see clearly now with KBC Tools & Machinery's full line of industrial lighting equipment from Nebo, Maxcraft, Steelman, Brand KBC, Titan, Southwire, Dazor, Electrix, and Tensor. KBC carries a wide variety of flashlights for industrial use up to 1400 lumens from pocket size to heavy duty in both non rechargeable and rechargeable options. Tip #1: Keep a flashlight at every workstation for emergency use during power outages to allow your employees to safely leave the facility and ensure that machinery is powered off prior to power being restored to avoid power surges. Tip #2: Use a Bend-a-Light flashlight to shine light where you need it in tight quarters, such as within the guts of machinery, jammed gears, etc. Choose Ruff-Lite light bulbs with filaments built to withstand shock for your industrial use. Ensure your machinists, CNC operators, tool and die makers, millwrights, and more have the right light to do their jobs with accuracy and without eye strain. Choose from magnifier lamps for small detail work, task and machine lights, and portable work lights with up to 10800 lumens and 1000 watts to get the job done in your facility. KBC - All Lighting Equipment...All The Time